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Here you can download presentations and documents from the conference.

Lessons learned

The document with Lessons learned from the conference, that was presented by Director Generals Christina Nordin and Mattias Moberg in the last session.

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Where are we with the EU rural vision?
Mr Hugo Almeida, Deputy Head of Unit, Rural areas and networks, DG Agriculture and rural development, and Ms Sofia Alves, Director, DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission

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What is the Rural Pact?
Ms Alexia Rouby, Policy coordinator EU rural vision, DG Agriculture and rural development, European Commission and Mr Enrique Nieto, Deputy team leader, Rural Pact Support Office

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How is the Rural Pact shaping in some Member States?

Czech Republic – Mr Radim Sršeň, Deputy minister of regional development, Czech Republic, and member of the European Committee of the Regions

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France – Mr Thibaut Guignard, President of LEADER France and ELARD, and
member of the European Committee of the Regions

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Finland – Ms Marianne Selkäinako, Senior Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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Sweden – Mr Mattias Moberg, Director General, Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure

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Learning from experiences for the Rural Pact in the EU

1. Multi-level governance for holistic rural development

The key role of the regional level
Mr Francisco Martínez Arroyo, Regional Minister of agriculture, water and rural development in Castilla la Mancha, Spain

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Local Action Groups as Local Pacts
Ms Charlotta Heimersson, manager of LAG Leader Nedre Dalälven, Sweden

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Smart villages
Ms Kristiina Tammets, manager of LAG Tartu County Development Association, coordinator of Estonian Smart Villages training program

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2. Tools and methods for the Rural Pact

Building capacities on how to use EU funds, improving rural data etc.

Mr Simone Sasso, Economist/Policy Analyst, Joint Research Centre

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Ms Andreea China, Research and Policy Manager, ESPON

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Young people’s involvement and participation in the Rural Pact - Workshops

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